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Group Health Insurance

Whether your group size (number of employees) is 2 or 99, you deserve and will get personal attention to find the best plan that fits you. You also need and will get a skilled broker who has the experience and drive to research all plans available, once we talk and get an idea of your preferences and needs. These plans include the traditional plans with low or no deductible and copays. But they also include plans that are the cost efficient HRA (Health Reiumbursement Arrangement) plans.

Let Ken show you the advantages of implementing an HRA plan for your business. This now comprises over 90% of our sales. Find out why so many small businesses are switching to an HRA plan offered by all health insurance companies and why you should at least consider them too. Our agency has an exclusive in this region with a major HRA management firm and we creatively combine their offerings with suitable plans from CareFirst and others in the area to create a cost efficient health insurance plan that lowers your cost and yet gives employees great, even better, coverage than with the old fashioned and costly "copay" plans.

Call to schedule a free consultation, or complete the census section to get an even faster start towards a better health insurance plan.

Individual / Family / Self-employed Health Insurance

I want to personally help you find the best health insurance plan available. The best plan for you and your family depends on many factors: age, gender, health, family size, even zip code. My best advice to help you narrow down the plans is to contact me.

Let's talk about your particular situation and wishes so that I can help guide you through the maze. Don't feel you even have to look at a single brochure before calling me. I also do house calls to your home or place of business. But whether you have insurance and want a 2nd opinion, or don’t have health insurance because you think it’s too expensive, call me. I am licensed to sell insurance in Maryland, DC, Virginia and Delaware.

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You can make an appointment for a consultation in any of the following three ways:

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Types of Insurance Offered

Group and individual packages are available for the following:

  • Health Insurance
  • Disability Income Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Dental Insurance (Group Only)

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